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Pioneer Investments is now part of the Amundi Group

On 3rd July, 2017 Pioneer Investments became part of the Amundi group. Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager by assets under management and ranks in the top 10 globally.
Thanks to the integration of Pioneer Investments, the combined company now manages over 1.3 trillion euros of assets across six investment hubs. 


Going further together to better serve you

With the acquisition of Pioneer Investments in July 2017, Amundi has confirmed its leadership in Europe and reinforced its presence in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas, becoming one of the world’s 10 largest asset managers.
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Investing Ideas


The Income Dilemma:

Since the crisis, not only has the income available in markets shrunk, but the sources of this income have also rotated.

Income shortage is set to be one of the biggest challenges for investors in the future and it comes at a time when we are approaching a major paradigm shift from monetary to fiscal policy. 

Venezuela on a cliff edge: let's be cautious

Yerlan Syzdykov
15 November 2017
Yerlan Syzdykov

President Nicolas Maduro announced the Republic of Venezuela’s intention to restructure all foreign debt, recognising the country’s current debt load as unsustainable. A full Venezuelan sovereign default scenario would be one of the most complex events of its type and would require large-scale restructuring. Overall, we remain very cautious on Venezuela and do not see any rapid solution to the restructuring process. We continue to look for tactical opportunities as they emerge with risk control as a priority for our investors.