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CIO Letter - How to invest in the age of deflation (and high volatility)

Bio - Lombardo
November 2014
Giordano Lombardo

After the long bull market run, we believe that we are now entering a new phase. Volatility is going to remain a principal feature and returns are going to remain suppressed. In this new environment, we believe that three elements - an enhanced diversification approach, the ability to generate excess returns and the evolution of a risk management discipline that includes a behavioral component - will be the key tools in driving successful investment management.


European Equities Outlook – Q4 2014

Fiona English Video V2 276x155
October 2014
Fiona English

Top down themes have continued to dominate the European Equity market. With the expectation that we may see greater profitability in Europe going forward, we ask; is this about to change?
Fiona English reviews the performance of the asset class and addresses interesting themes in the market.


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