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Cyclical Upswing in 2016 Amid Structurally Lower Growth

Giordano Lombardo, Pioneer Investments Group CIO, outlines the 2016 global outlook offering a summary of key economic and market insights:

  • A cautious approach amidst geopolitical risks
  • Moderately positive on risky assets, especially equities, but risks of “tail events” on the rise
  • High conviction ideas within a robust risk management framework as a key element to generating value



Ken Taubes

Multi-Asset Investing: Meeting the Rising Demand for Diversification

Matteo Germano: Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments

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Ken Taubes

US Fixed Income: Diversify … and Diversify Some More

Ken Taubes: Head of Investment Management, US

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Yerlan Syzdykov

Emerging Markets Bonds: A Defensive Approach

Yerlan Syzdykov: Head of Emerging Markets - Bond & High Yield

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Marco Pirondini

US Equities: Chasing The Bull

Marco Pirondini: Head of Equities, U.S.

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Diego Franzin

European Equities: It's All About Selection

Diego Franzin: Head of Equity - Europe

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Emerging Markets Equities: Confidence Matters

Marco Mencini: Head of Equities, Emerging Markets

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