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Fund Inception  3 Yrs Ann. vs Benchmark Factsheet Commentary
PF - Top European Players 
MSCI Europe
07/04/2000 -0.9%
Pioneer Funds - Euroland Equity
07/04/2000 -0.0%
PF - European Potential
MSCI Europe Small Cap
03/30/2007 -3.8%
PF - European Equity Value
MSCI Europe Value
05/06/2008 3.6%
PF - European Research
MSCI Europe
07/04/2000 -0.7% -
PF - European Equity Target Income
No Benchmark
11/22/2011 -  
PF - Absolute Return European Equity
JPM GBI Global EUR hedged
21/06/2011 -0.2%

The correct legal name of the sub-funds referenced above is with the prefix 'Pioneer Funds'.


Source: Pioneer Investments as at 31 July 2017. Performance shown for A Class Non Distributing Units in Eur.
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