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Pioneer Funds - Strategic Income is a multi-sector bond fund that invests across a broad range of global fixed income sectors, including core U.S. investment grade, non-investment grade, non-U.S. country, currency and floating rate asset classes. The Fund’s benchmark is the Barclays Capital U.S. Universal Index.


The Portfolio adheres to three core investment tenets: value, diversification[1] and protection against downside risk.

Value-Driven: The Portfolio seeks to invest in sectors that offer attractive relative value, based on fundamentals and on spread relationships to long-term averages. Value investing seeks to capitalise on the benefits of rebalancing through dynamic allocation, which can make a significant contribution to portfolio returns over time.

Broad Diversification: The Portfolio’s diversification level seeks to benefit from incorporating a broad range of factors and sectors, which helps it pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns. Diversification available from asset classes with lower correlation to core sectors can help reduce volatility and downside risk.

Protection Against Downside Risk: The Portfolio has historically been successful in limiting downside risk and avoiding permanent impairment of capital has reflected its disciplined approach to limiting issuer concentrations combined with strong fundamental credit research, avoiding at-risk sectors and avoiding market value loss in rising interest rate environments. 


[1] Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss

Integrated Investment Process

The Portfolio’s active, value-driven investment process combines top-down and bottom-up research with the insights and tools of quantitative and qualitative analysts to assess potential buy and sell candidates for the portfolio. Click to see an interactive model of our process.




Fund Facts

Investment Universe: Global fixed income sectors including investment grade government, mortgage, corporate and asset-backed securities, high-yield bonds, EM debt and currencies 


Benchmark:  Bloomberg BarCap U.S. Universal Index 

Morningstar Categorytm: USD Flexible Bond 


Fund Inception: 4 April 2003 


Domicile: Luxembourg

Portfolio Management


Kenneth J. Taubes, EVP
Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Investment Management
biography »



Andrew Feltus, CFA, SVP
Director of High Yield
and Bank Loans
Portfolio Manager
biography »



Charles Melchreit, CFA, SVP
Director of Investment Grade Management, U.S.
Portfolio Manager
biography »

U.S. Fixed Income Outlook 2017


Ken Taubes, Head of Investment Management US, shares his views on the impact of the US election, what to expect from the Fed and the USD.