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Portfolio Management Team

The Portfolio’s highly experienced and stable investment team has worked together to implement active sector allocation for over thirteen years, which has resulted in strong historical risk-adjusted returns. The investment team follows a long-term, disciplined investment approach that seeks the best opportunities worldwide to help diversify the portfolio, enhance returns and limit downside risk. The team is supported by the strength of a global research platform of portfolio managers and sector specialists, with expertise across the entire fixed income spectrum and a core competency in credit. The portfolio managers average 31 years of industry experience and 17 years with Amundi Pioneer Asset Management. There has been no Portfolio Manager turnover since the Portfolio’s inception.


Ken Taubes
Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Investment Management

Lead Portfolio Manager


Ken Taubes is Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Investment Management for Amundi and Amundi Pioneer*. He is Portfolio Manager of Pioneer Funds – Strategic Income, Pioneer Funds – U.S. Dollar Aggregate Bond and Pioneer Funds – Flexible Opportunities. He is also Portfolio Manager of Amundi Pioneer’s Core and Core Plus strategies for institutional clients. In addition, he oversees the equity and fixed income portfolio management and research analyst staff in the U.S., and is chairman of the U.S. Investment Committee and a member of the U.S. Management Committee.

  • 34 Years’ Industry Experience
  • 19 Years with Amundi Pioneer Asset Management


Andrew Feltus, CFA 
Director of High Yield
and Bank Loans
Portfolio Manager


Andrew Feltus is Director of High Yield & Bank Loans, U.S. and Portfolio Manager of several high yield and multi-sector funds and strategies. He has extensive experience managing a wide range of debt securities globally, including emerging markets and foreign exchange.

  • 26 Years' Industry Experience
  • 23 Years with Amundi Pioneer Asset Management


Charles Melchreit, CFA 
Director of Investment Grade Management, U.S.
Portfolio Manager



Charles Melchreit is Senior Vice President, Director of Investment Grade Management U.S., and Portfolio Manager at Amundi Pioneer Asset Management*, based in the Boston office.

  • 31 Years' Industry Experience
  • 11 Years with Amundi Pioneer Asset Management