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Latest Performance

Key Features

Breadth and Depth of Investment Ideas

  • Proprietary research drives our process, while seeking to avoid risks of capital impairment
  • Dedicated specialists identify compelling opportunities in the short end of the curve across a wide array of asset classes

Risk Efficiency

  • Portfolio Construction helps to identify and manage unintended risk
  • Carefully managed contribution for each trade, focusing on win/loss ratio

Targeted Portfolio Design

  • Positioned to perform in a rising rate environment by investing in shorter duration instruments of typically 1-3 years
  • Focus on generating yield that offers curve exposure with limited credit risk

February 2017 Portfolio Review

The Portfolio slightly underperformed the broader market, as represented by the JPMorgan EMBI Global Diversified benchmark (this is not the benchmark of the fund and is being used for comparison purposes only), while reporting a gain in the period.

The Portfolio maintains a 2-year duration, while generating a nominal yield just above 4% for the period. With U.S. rates apparently set to rise, our shorter duration exposure should help performance. 

The correct legal name of the sub-funds referenced above is with the prefix 'Pioneer Funds'.