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Liquid Alternatives: A Panacea for Goal-Based Investors?

Today's investment landscape is vastly different to previous cycles. Investors will likely be required to re-evaluate and enhance redundant asset allocation techniques through:


1. The inclusion of alternative sources of return.


2. Migrating to more innovative portfolio construction techniques, which have the potential to cope with new and increasing risk in a period of lower returns.


The Environment is Changing

In this new Age of the Unexpected, investors are facing new opportunities but also an investment environment that is more volatile with potentially lower absolute returns.This requires a change of mind-set from a market-led investment approach to seeking out a more outcome-oriented approach. 


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How Liquid Alternatives can Fit into a Portfolio



"By building up add-on positions in liquid alternatives, investors have the potential to also gain access to forward-looking strategies outside the traditional asset classes of bonds and equities."


Hugh Prendergast
Head of Strategic Product and Marketing, Western Europe and International