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Latest Performance

Fund Highlights

  • Market neutral European Equity Portfolio focusing on alpha generation
  • Bottom-up fundamentally driven approach to stock selection utilising our proven stock picking capabilities
  • Independent strategies targeting uncorrelated sources of alpha
  • Team approach with each individual empowered to manage an independent alpha sleeve within a pre-defined risk budget
  • Dynamic drawdown management at each strategy level

Portfolio Update Nov 2016

Fabio Di Giansante
Video Length: 02:12


Fabio Di Giansante

Head of Long/Short European Equity

Review and Outlook Q2

Video Length: 02:12


Fabio Di Giansante

Head of Long/Short European Equity

Approach: Three Groups of Specialists Contribute to the Process




The correct legal name of the sub-fund mentioned above is Pioneer Funds - Absolute Return European Equity

Portfolio Management Team

Fabio Di Giansante

Lead Portfolio Manager

Head of Long/Short European Equity

17 Years Industry Experience 

11 Years with Pioneer Investments


Lorenzo Angelini

Portfolio Manager

6 Years Industry Experience

5 Years with Pioneer Investments


The Portfolio is managed by the European Equity team with each individual contributing their best long and short ideas to building independent alpha sleeves. Ultimate responsibility for the overall Portfolio rests with the Portfolio Management team consisting of Fabio Di Giansante as Lead Portfolio Manager and Lorenzo Angelini as Co-Portfolio Manager.

The team average over 19 years’ experience with diverse expertise and broad experience across several market cycles.



Fiona English

Client Portfolio Manager

18 Years Industry Experience

6 Years with Pioneer Investments