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Challenges Driving the Income Demand

Demographic challenges, increased regulation, the middle class squeeze and the public debt mountain.

Four trends that strengthen the need for income, especially in retirement.


Europe is Making a Comeback

In our view, the concept of a “European renaissance” reflects the current phase in which multiple positive dynamics are unfolding in Europe. Such dynamics, virtuously interplaying, are creating a case that supports a sustainable growth path in Europe and a favourable environment for European risk assets.

Award Winning Expertise

Yerlan Syzdykov

Yerlan Syzdykov

Head of Emerging Markets - Bond & High Yield


With the momentum of positive GDP growth as a tailwind, Emerging Market Corporate Bonds present an attractive story.

The market capitalisation of the asset class is at parity versus US High Yield credit. The class aims to offer depth, dynamics and interesting drivers to investors seeking both yield and capital return.     

The Time is Right

Affected by drawdown, insufficient returns and volatility, investors look to non-traditional strategies. Liquid alternatives target new sources of return, while seeking to remain relatively uncorrelated with global equity and bond markets.


We need to consider a different way of investing that targets new sources of returns, downside mitigation, and volatility management.


High Quality Focus

Andrew Acheson

Andrew Acheson

Portfolio Manager and Director of the U.S. Growth Team


We believe a portfolio of companies that have sustainable competitive advantages, earn high returns on growth capital, demonstrate consistent growth and sell at a discount to their intrinsic value, has the potential to outperform the broader market over time with less risk.

Active Allocation with a Difference

Yerlan Syzdykov

Kenneth J. Taubes

We believe that a fixed income portoflio that includes a wide range of global fixed income sectors can achieve competitive returns.