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First Eagle Amundi Income Builder Fund (the "Fund") seeks current income generation and long-term capital growth.

1. Please see the Prospectus for more information on this figure. it is not guaranteed. Distribution payouts are based on the net asset value of the share class on the last Business Day of every quarter. Dividends may be distributed out of interest income and/or capital gains or out of capital attributable to the relevant share class. Distribution payments may have the effect of lowering the NAV of the relevant share class.

2. The Fund does not offer any capital or performance guarantee.

Key Features

Core wealth management solution

  • Seeks to generate a meaningful level of income while preserving the purchasing power of capital over the long-term
  • Aims to minimise the risk of permanent capital loss by primarily investing in dividend paying equities and credit/fixed-income through a benchmark-agnostic approach


Flexible approach to income-generation

  • Capital allocation decisions are made bottom-up, security by security, based on the team's assessment of "margin of safety" - a value investing concept which refers to the difference between our estimate of the intrinsic value of a security and the price at which it is selling
  • The team rigorously searches the globe - without constraints by geographies, credit rating, market caps, benchmarks, or asset classes - for investments that can potentially generate income and produce long-term capital appreciation
  • The Fund invests in a wide range of securities and instruments with the aim of producing various diversification benefits as illustrated below:

July 2017 Portfolio Review

First Eagle Amundi Income Builder Fund AU-C share class returned 2.26% net of fees during the quarter, and the composite index registered 2.99%. In a period of what we believe are relatively high valuations in the equity market and widespread underpricing of risk in the fixed-income market, opportunities were scarce. 

A global, value based approach to income

first income builder video

Note: The correct legal name for the funds listed above with the prefix PF is Pioneer Funds.