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The "Why?" and "How?" of Liquid Alternatives

Liquid Alternatives were the subject of a roundtable hosted by www.portfolio-adviser.com with a specially invited group of influential portfolio constructors, asset allocators and fund selectors who discussed at length the role of liquid alternative investments in a private client portfolio today. Davide Cataldo, Head of absolute return multi-strategy, and David Green, Client Portfolio Manager, represented Amundi Asset Management.

Liquid Alternatives: A Panacea for Goal-Based Investors?

Today's investment landscape is vastly different to previous cycles. Investors will likely be required to re-evaluate and enhance redundant asset allocation techniques through:


1. The inclusion of alternative sources of return.


2. Migrating to more innovative portfolio construction techniques, which have the potential to cope with new and increasing risk in a period of lower returns.


How Liquid Alternatives can Fit into a Portfolio



"By building up add-on positions in liquid alternatives, investors have the potential to also gain access to forward-looking strategies outside the traditional asset classes of bonds and equities."