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Latest Performance

Fund Highlights

  • An unconstrained, flexible fund that seeks to capture alternative sources of return
  • Heightened absolute return objective, investing across numerous strategies and asset classes
  • Actively invests in multiple directional and nondirectional strategies
  • Strives to capitalise on market inefficiencies by taking positions in traditional and non-traditional asset classes
  • Proprietary Risk Budgeting framework aims to manage volatility and portfolio drawdown

Investment Approach: Based on our "Four Pillars"

Absolute Return Multi-Strategy process
* EONIA – Euro OverNight Index Average
The correct legal name of the sub-fund mentioned above is Pioneer Funds - Multi-Strategy Growth
The risk limits set for Pioneer Funds - Absolute Return Multi-Strategy and Pioneer Funds - Multi-Strategy Growth differ, with a higher level being set for the Pioneer Funds - Multi-Strategy Growth which has consequently a higher value-at-risk limit. And thus investors should be made aware that Pioneer Funds - Multi-Strategy Growth may be more suitable for investors with a higher-risk appetite.

Portfolio Management Team

Davide Cataldo

Lead Portfolio Manager

Head of Absolute Return Multi-Strategy
23 Years’ Industry Experience
19 Years with Pioneer Investments


Federica Masciaga

Co-Portfolio Manager

Multi-Strategy Portfolio Manager
17 Years’ Industry Experience
13 Years with Pioneer Investments


Davide Cataldo, Head of Absolute Return Multi-Strategy, manages the Portfolio. The Portfolio is co managed by Federica Masciaga. Federica is a Senior Portfolio Manager in the Absolute Return team.


David Greene

Client Portfolio Manager
25 Years’ Industry Experience
5 Years with Pioneer Investments



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